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First 10 buyers who purchased the Relian Mascara will get it at ONLY
RM 55 each ++ FREE postage!

10% OFF for returning buyer / reviewer who sent us a review on any product!♥
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We specialise in selling facial products as well as hair care products. All our products are taken in from overseas unless stated otherwise. Our products are not animal-tested but we do personally try them out first before selling them to you. So you can be 100% assured of our quality! If you have any skin problems that you would like to cure, do feel free and email us. We will try our best to help you solve them. :)

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BLOG OFFICIALLY CLOSE. Thank you all for your supp...
Clearance !
Closing down S.A.L.E pt 2!
Closing down S.A.L.E!
Price edit!
Coach fever 2010
*busy note*
Sold out items!
Eye lash tonic!

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1. Collagen Moisturising Scrub
2. Shiseido Nose Mask
3. 1st Generation Mask Powder
4. 2nd Generation Mask Powder I
5. 2nd Generation Mask Powder II
6. Pore Minimising and Blackhead Removing Serum
7. Acne Tonic
8. Collagen Moisturising Gel
9. Tea Tree Gel
10. Collagen Therapeutic Eye Mask
11. Milk Brightening & SeaKelp Eye Mask **NEW**
12. Phytoderm De Soins Ampoule
13. Skin 79 BB Cream
14. Hair Spa Treatment
15. Fibre Hair Cap
16. Silk Cream
17. Small Goodies
18. Goodies from Japan
19. Aromatheraphy Sea Salt
20. Fruit Pieces III
21. Pre-loved & BRAND NEW Clothes!
22. Swarovski Crystal
23. Mask Brush & D.I.Y Kit
24. Moisturising Cleansing Milk
25. Whitening Hydrating Toner
26. 100% Pearl Essence (Eye Gel)
27. Limited Edition H20 Jelly Mask **EXCLUSIVE!!*
28. Last Three Ready Stock O.P.I Nail Lacquers
29. Ready Made Manicure on Fake Nails
30. Exfoliation Gel exclusively from Japan
31. DHC Eye Lash Tonic **OFFER!!*
32. Relian Mascara **OFFER!!*

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Thursday, September 23, 2010 @ 1:49 AM

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Thank you all for your support all this while. For those who haven't receive their refunds yet, kindly e-mail us via dmaskteam@gmail.com as soon as possible.
Thank you !

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 @ 1:28 PM
`Clearance !

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The following are still available! *Please click on the link at the right sidebar to go directly to the page.*

1. Gold ampoules!

2. HOT-SELLING Pore minimising serum!

3. RESTOCKED Acne Tonic!

5-star product!


Second generation mask powder + Rose Toner

SOLD OUT & Non-restockable items:

Collagen scrub.

It's our Closing Down Sale now so grab 'em before it's too late!



Sunday, July 25, 2010 @ 1:32 PM
`Closing down S.A.L.E pt 2!

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Second part of the items which are on SALE!

13. Mask brush

RM 1 ONLY if you purchase it with other items!

14. Fruit pieces I

We still have quite a bit of them in store. Do mail us for further details.

15. Aloe Vera instant Moisturising mask!

Only ONE piece available. RM 3 ONLY!

16. Cute contact lens casing

Carefully glued with cute bear and bling bling~!

Now you are going to be the only proud owner~

Only ONE available! RM 20 only!
FREE postage if purchase with other items. :)

17. Mascara assistance.

Have problems using mascara? Try this babe! Three more in store ONLY!

RM 3.50 each!

18. Natural facial wash assistance. *NEW!*

Instead of using your bare hands, try using this 100% natural facial wash assistance to help you wash your face!

Put a little bit of your facial cleanser and water on your palm, rub this assistance on it until there are bubbles, gently scrub your face with it. Helps to remove dead skins as well. 2-in-1 function!

Very limited pieces available. - RM 5/each!

19. Fats massager

Hate to have that lil tummy? Massage your tummy using this massager + a little bit of hot oil / firming oil and you will get the desire effects !

psst: No need to be jealous at the next hot skinny girl standing next to you anymore. ;)

2 units available. RM 5/ EACH!

20. Face massager.

This is easy! While watching tv just roll this face massager up and down continuously AND watch the difference!

2 units availble. RM 5/each!

21. Face massager II.

Shares the same function with 20.

2 units available. RM 5/ each!

22. Mini Skin 79 BB cream.

Skin 79 BB cream is the love. Why spend so much on these mini at stores when you can get it at only RM 10/ EACH here?

Good bargain, no? :)

23. Magic fringe clipper.

Unlike the normal black pins, using this magic clipper will not leave your hair with any trace of being pinned. And it's very firm and sticky!

Only at RM 4/a pair!

24. Nipple sticker and bra strip sticker.

Need this for clubs or prom?

RM 4/packet! O_O

25. Leg massager.

Your legs deserve a good rest after a day of hard work. Try this leg massager. Saves you all the cash you have to pay for a good foot massage. :)

RM 5/each!

26. Facial kit.

Three little measurement spoons, a spatula, a brush and a mixing bowl.

RM 7/each! *steal* O_O

27. Manicured protector.

After applying your nail lacquers get this nail protector to protect your nicely done nails from being spoilt.

ONLY RM 6/box! *steal*

28. Eye mask

Last two in store. Need we say more?
RM 3/each!

29. Eye massager.

After applying your eye cream / eye gel, roll these eye rollers on your eyes to get a better effect.

RM 6/ pair!

Hurry! It's our Closing Down S.A.L.E now! Grab those that you like before it's all gone. :)


Happy Shopping. :)


Friday, July 23, 2010 @ 1:57 PM
`Closing down S.A.L.E!

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It's been three long months since we last updated. Despite the fact that I still love online shopping/selling, FACIAL PRODUCTS and dealing with all my customers / reviewers / critics, it's time for D-Mask to be closed down.

Reason being I'll be completing my final year of degree overseas this September. :)

It's been a pleasure running an online blogshop for the past one year. Thanks so much for those who have been in constant support. D-Mask wouldn't have come so far without your support!



Well, enough for the farewell part, it's time for the S.A.L.E PART! :) All the items below are 40%-70% off! It's our Closing Down Sale, so WHY NOT?

Hope you'll find things you like! :)


For a detailed post, please check out on our right sidebar. Thanks. :)

1. *HOT SELLING* Pore minimising serum

Every 10ml: RM 6

(Original price: 10ml: RM 10)


*ALL GONE! Place your restock orders now!* Restocks reaching on 29/7/2010!

50ml: RM 11

(Original price: rm 19)

3. *BEST-SELLER* Second Generation Mask Powder + Rose Toner

2x mask powder + 50ml of rose toner = RM 14

(Original price: RM 22)

4. *ALL TIME FAVOURITE* 1st Generation Mask Powder

3x Mask powders = RM 6

(Original price: RM 12)

5. Fiber Dry Cap Towel

RM 5!

6. Capsule Mask

Few drops of your facial toner and it'll grow into the size of a normal paper mask!

RM 1 for 2!

7. Collagen moisturising scrub

RM 5 each!

Gentle and soothing. Suitable for all skin types! :)

Before & After scrub.

8. Gold Ampoules.

RM 50 for 10 ampoules that can last you for 1 month! Contains real 24k gold piece inside. O_O

9. Phytoderm Facial Ampoules

RM 30 for 10 bottles + free postage.

We have Whitening, Eye Pouch, Hydrating, Vitamin C, Mandarin (for pores)Ampoules left in store. :)

10. Moisturising Gel.

RM 5 each.

Can't find a suitable non-greasy, non-sticky moisturiser? This should be the right one for you!

11. Relian Mascara.

RM 35 + FREE postage!

Contains two mascaras, (one pure fiber, one gel) that can make your lashes go long INSTANTLY!

12. Ready made manicured nails.

RM 32 + FREE postage!

RM 32 + FREE postage!

Do e-mail us at dmaskteam@gmail.com for any inquiries!


Happy Shopping. :)


Monday, April 26, 2010 @ 3:28 PM
`Price edit!

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Price for the 100% authentic Coach bags below have been reviewed!

Do drop us an e-mail if you are interested.

All prices are negotiable! ;)

ps: 200% money back if any of your purchase is proved fake!


Happy Shopping :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 @ 12:40 PM
`Coach fever 2010

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Sorry for the hiatus. We have been busy and lazy recently. :)
Nevertheless, this time we are B.A.C.K not with facial products

100% Authentic Coach Bags freshly baked from the U.S.A!

My sister went to the US last month and she brought back heaps of shopping goods including the following three 100% Authentic Coach bags for sale! :) Two of these are already sold out in store and I can assure you they are worth getting especially the Dark pink one below! :)

Do note that there is NO dust bag / paper bag for the bags because she had to throw them off because her luggage was really, really overloaded. Nonetheless, you can be rest assured that these are 100% Authentic Coach bags.

We offer a 200% money back guaranteed policy if any of these bags are proved to be fake! Cash on Delivery is preferred so that you can check on the bags yourself.

Even without dust bags, these bags were carefully taken care of and are really gorgeous!

Having said that, enjoy!

1. Coach Dark Pink / Red Tote *Major major love*

Can be used as tote or a shoulder bag easily!

Real colour : Cherry / Dark Pink

Made of :
Signature sateen fabric with leather trim
Inside zip, cellphone, multifunction pockets
Fabric lining
Zip-top closure

Detachable strap that can be used as a shoulder bag.

Approximately 35cm (L) x 10 cm (W) x 22cm (H)

Tote or shoulder bag - Your choice!

Price: RM 1100 + FREE Postage *negotiable*

2. Madison Op Art Slim Envelope Wallet

Colour: Brass/ Khaki
Op-Art print fabric with leather trim
Ten credit card pockets
Two bill compartments
Inside coin pocket with zip closure
Fabric lining
Flap with snap closure
7 3/4 (L) x 4 (H)

Inside is light purple in colour.
Plenty of credit card pockets to store your I.C., credit cards, ATM cards etc!

Price: RM 800 + FREE POSTAGE! *negotiable*

3. Coach Signature Sling Bag

*no longer available in store!*

Authenticity card.

Signature jacquard fabric with cowhide leather trim

Inside zip, cellphone, multifunction pockets

Outside front pockets with zip

Hidden magnetic snap closure, fabric lining

Adjustable strap


27cm (L) x 29 (H)

Rather big and can fit quite a bit of items compared to Coach usual sling bag.

Price: RM 900 + Free postage *negotiable*


Last but not least, the humble owner's own Coach bag freshly baked from the States ! :)


Happy Shopping:)