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Saturday, May 30, 2009 @ 11:51 PM

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For those who feel like pimping your stuff, (eg keychain) here's one of the example the friend did for me. :)

The selected crystals are Light Rose, Rose, Crystals. ^^


Happy Shopping. :)

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@ 11:52 AM

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Dear all,

Please beware that fake Beauty Diary masks have now entered into Malaysia's market! We've received words from our suppliers that many of the sellers online are alleged to be selling fake masks to buyers. So PLEASE CHECK after you received your items to avoid purchasing the fake masks.

Here, we provide some rough ideas for you girls to check if your mask is original or a fake one.

1. To be honest, the cost price of an original Taiwan Beauty Diary mask is quite high.

It ranges between RM3-4 at least unless you take the stocks in a bulk. Even so, the cost price will not go less than RM2.50. (unless of course you really take 10,000 pcs and above!) So, if you happen to come across sellers who sell these masks at a very low price, please beware that the stocks might or might not be fake ones.

They may be selling a genuine one at a very low price but we really have no idea how are they going to make profit out of it.

2. **Please forgive our lousy photo-shooting skills. We are saving for a DSLR, if all goes well. :)

For an original Beauty Diary mask, black printed manufacturing dates and expiry dates will be stated on the lower left of the back of the mask. Note that there will at least be ONE ALPHABET contained in between the numbers.

Here, the alphabet is C.

An authentic printing skills will then cause the lower right side of the front of the mask to also have some slight printing shades on it.

3. After you open the mask, an authentic face mask will have a comfortable scent of the essence of the mask depending on the choice of your mask. Also, the paper sheet of the mask is white in colour whereas the essence is sheer or see through.

A fake mask's paper sheet is slightly yellowish with the essence smelling weird and smelly.

In conclusion, please beware while you are purchasing all your face masks. Afterall, we only want to look good right? A Beauty Diary mask will definitely brings some effect after continuous application but a fake one will not only cause outbreak of pimples but may worsen your skin condition!

Hope the above doesn't scare you from shopping with us. Rest assured that our masks are obtained by rightful and licensed supplier and is definitely authentic.


Happy Shopping :)


@ 11:06 AM
`Team up!

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Hi there,

Sorry for the long M.I.A! Just to let you know that we're now team up with Your Shopping Kaki ! D-Mask is offering the following offer for YSK's reader ONLY starting today!

For purchase more than RM30 in a single receipt, feel free to choose free eye//nose mask from any of our ready stocks.

For purchase more than RM100, postage is FREE!!

Now, how good is that?

Simply type in the password : Bring D-Mask to ME! in your email title and you're entitled to the offer above!! What are you waiting for?


Happy Shopping.


Thursday, May 14, 2009 @ 11:49 PM

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Due to the fact that we've received quite a number of inquiries requiring the mask powder, we've decided to post a more detailed post this time.

This is a mask powder specially made and mixed from green bean powder, barley powder and a mixture of other Chinese medicines which are good for those who have rough and dry skin, large pores, scars, pimples problems.

What differs a mask powder from a paper mask? (Paper mask = Beauty Diary masks etc)
Like saloons, you have to mix this mask powder with either distilled water // toner // or milk if you would like to achieve whitening purposes. Mask powder is better to remove your scrubs and dead skin cells because it is absorbed to the skin faster and easier compared with the essence of paper masks.

Also, you can mix the thickness of the mask yourself. If you do not like the hard feel when you apply the mask powder on your face, you can easily dilute it with water // any other essence to keep it watery.

I've personally used this mask for at least 4-5 times already. Also, I've recommended this to some of my guy friends and they actually LOVE IT. This picture was taken few weeks ago when I first tried on the mask. Prior to this, I've went for a facial treatment and due to the fact that I'm of sensitive skin, my face became reddish.

Note that the following pics is taken WITHOUT photoshopping and is really authentic.


This was when my face was swollen and reddish at the beginning.


I applied the facial mask powder.


After applying, my face's redness and swollenness reduced so much that all my housemates couldn't believe it. ;)

For a before and after pic, please look at the comparison below.

What do you need to do a mask using the mask powder?

1. One packet of the Mask powder.

2. One slice of lemon (optional)

3. 5-6 spoons of milk (depending on your preference) // water

How do you mix it?
1. Pour the mask powder into a bowl.

2. Add in the milk. [If you prefer your mask to be a thicker ones, add less milk in it, vice versa]

3. For whitening purposes, squeeze the lemon slice into your mask powder.
Note : For sensitive skin, it is advisable for you to reduce the amount of lemon juice so that it won't cause any itchiness // uncomfortableness onto your skin.

4. Your batter should look like the following when it is done.

5. Apply it thoroughly onto your face and/or neck.

6. Let it dry for approximately 15min. Wash it with warm water. Remember to move in circles while you're washing so that it can be used to remove your dead skin cells. Washing your face in up and down sequence might lead to having tiny wrinkles on your face as you aged.

1. If you do not like the smell of fresh milk, you can try strawberry or chocolate flavoured milk. Last week, I accidentally bought HL's strawberry milk instead of the fresh ones. I tried using it with the mask powder & lemon. The results turned out to be excellent instead. No rashes no uncomfortableness no itchiness.

2. If you do not like the smell of milk at all, try mixing the mask with distilled or mineral water instead. Avoid using pipe water as it might not be as clean as the ones which have been filtered before.

3. You can also try to mix the mask powder with your own brand of toner or moisturising water (a.k.a H2O, MAC's moisturising mist etc)

4. Also, you can try out using olive oil.

5. Not only for face, this mask powder can be used to as a skin spa and can be used onto your whole body cuz it's just too natural!

6. DO NOT wait for the mask to dry thoroughly before washing it off as a dry mask will in turn absorb the moisture of your skin. The mask MUST be washed off before it's totally dry.

7. Note that I myself is of very sensitive skin in that my skin turns red very easily. But this mask powder works perfectly on me, so I doubt it would have any problems on you girls. And I've tried it for approximately 4-5 times already in 2 weeks time.

1. If you add in lemon juice in it, it definitely helps in whitening and the result is guaranteed obvious.
2. Cure your pimples, oil controlling, reduce your pores and remove your dead skin cells.

1. Only RM2.50 for each packet. Definitely cheaper from paper masks you can get from Kose or any other brands.

2. Get 3 for RM7 instead!

3. Get the Facial mask DIY kit from our Small goodies selection + 3 facial masks at only RM16.

What are you waiting for? Want to whiten your face? Want to control oi? Want to reduce your large pores? Want to look good tomorrow??

Place your orders now! ^^

ALL RM 2.50 packings of the mask powder have been SOLD OFF already.

We do have the RM5 in hand now though! The RM 2.50 restocks will arrive on approx. this coming Saturday so do keep your orders coming in! :) Many have tried and said "yes", what say you?


Happy Shopping :)


@ 10:56 PM
`Chocolate Mask!

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Hey there, have I not promise you that I'll update about the Chocolate Mask? Sorry, was down with flu for the past few days and am still recovering only!

Beauty Diary Chocolate Mask is here!

Chocolate, has long been the symbol of Romance. There might only be 1 girl out of 10 who doesn't like chocolate. Its functions range from being a gift during Valentines to Chocolate Fondue (*yum) to Chocolate Cakes, to Chocolate Spa etc. The list goes on.

Best of all, today we see Chocolate Mask on the rack as well, thanks to the advancement in technology! For sensitive skin babes, NO WORRIES. This mask is suitable for all skin types, especially recommended to babes who have dull and dry skin. If your skin lacks elasticity and doesn't look as doink-doink and reddish + healthy as before, TRY THIS MASK!



D-Mask Comment: I've personally tried this mask before, as of other masks. If you're expecting a piece of mud like, chocolate-tish mask after opening the pack, be sure to be disappointed like how I did. Its colour is still like the usual masks of Beauty Diary because it only uses the essence of Chocolates instead of the real muddy chocolate.

Its smell is pretty good. If you've tried Dutch Lady Chocolate drink before, yeah, it smells a bit like that. My skin got really moistured and turn fair after I applied it. Didn't have the time to restock the item till today though.

This is an item which is only on the rack for a limited season. Plus, D-Mask only have limited stocks here. SO, be sure to place your orders today aye!

Price : RM6.30/each!

*sorry babes, limited season item. We're trying to get as much stocks as possible so that we can lower the selling price. Get your sisters/moms/aunts/friends to order together so that you can our special discounts ya! What are ya waiting for? Mail us today! ^^


Happy Shopping :)


Monday, May 11, 2009 @ 4:54 PM

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Another OPI clearance sales again! This time, all is priced at RM40 each inclusive of postage! However, GET TWO at only RM78 inclusive of postage this time! =D

Available colours are :

1. Top Coat x2

2. Base Coat x2

3. R46

4. B60

5. H 08

6. R51

7. H32

8. H35

9. F21

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Monday, May 4, 2009 @ 12:19 AM

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Another Secret Recipe to share with you girls!

What nutrients do apples have?
- Apples contain many types of nutrients inclusive of glucose, vitamins, minerals etc. Is known as one of the best fruits by scientists to date.

- Apples must be eaten slowly. This is better for disgestive purposes.
- Do not eat fruits before eating your meals to avoid disturbing your normal disgestion system.

How can apples help?

Apple Milk Juice.
Ingredients: 2 apples, milk.

How to prepare?
1. Wash 2 apples cleanly and peeled of their skin. Blend the apples to obtain a pure and fresh cup of apple juice.
2. Mix milk and apple with a 1:2 formula.
3. Use this formula and mix it with your usual facial cleanser to wash your face day and night.
4. Make sure you wash your face with warm water after that.
5. Note that this formula can only be used on every alternate days for as long as 20 days (inclusive the alternate days). Not advisable for daily usage.

- Long term usage would leave your skin shinnier and more radiant.
- Helps to remove freckles, dark skin spots and acnes.

Happy trying out the formula & stay pretty! ;)


Happy Shopping.