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Tuesday, September 29, 2009 @ 10:08 PM
`Calling ALL returning buyers!

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If you are one of our returning buyers, GOOD NEWS for you! We are giving out special benefits just for you! To enjoy them, simply follow these steps:

1. Review us.
Be a reviewer yourself today! Drop us a review / feedback / testimonial on any items that you have purchased (preferably our facial products) and you will be rewarded with an instant rebate of RM3 in your next purchase!

You can also send us some feedback or comments on our service.

2. Introduce us to your friends!
If your friend send us an email stating 'D-Mask:_ (your name)_' and purchases from us, you will be given a 10% off in your next purchase and your friend will enjoy an instant rebate of RM2 as well!

3. Link us!
Link us on your blog and enjoy a 10% off in your following purchase too!

Well what are you waiting for! Join us to enjoy YOUR benefits as a returning buyer today! =)

Terms & Conditions:
1. Benefit 1 can be enjoyed multiple times as long as you review any of our items before you make your following purchase.

2. Benefit 2 and 3 can only be used once. Unless of course you introduce us to 10 of your friends and each them purchase from us. If so, you will not only enjoy the 10% off but also relatively rewarding free gifts!!

3. You can criticise us if you want. We appreciate honest comments but don't be too harsh on us, alright? =/


Happy Shopping


@ 9:46 PM
`Part II - 2nd Gen. Mask Powder

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Looks like we haven't been updating new stuff for quite a while already, aye? =) Here we are, a short update on Part II of the 2nd Generation Mask powder that we launched few weeks ago.


So far, all the 5 types on our Part I of the 2nd Generation of Mask Powder have been selling like hot cakes and we restocked twice for each type before! Below is our best selling chart.

Number I: Tea Tree Mask Powder ~ Sold approximately 30 packets.

Number II: Seaweed Mask Powder ~ Sold approximately 25 packets.

Number III: Hydrating Mask Powder ~ Sold approximately 22 packets.

Thank you very much on your support girls. Thus, we decided to launch another 3 types of mask powder under the 2nd generation of mask powder for babes who prefer whitening over others!

1. Ginseng Mask Powder

Functions: Reduce dirts contain in your skin. Also helps to reduce oil in your skin. Besides, it also lightens dark spots which helps to give you a fair and white skin!

2. Goat Milk Mask Powder

Functions: Well the name says it all! The mask powder contains rich goat milk essence that moisturise and whitens your skin and at the same time balances the oil secretion of your skin as well! Ideal for those who prefer whitening and moisturising 2-in-1 functions!

3. Vitamin C Mask Powder

Functions: Rich in Vitamin C essence which is an excellent anti oxidant ingredient that slows down your skin's pigmentation process, leaving your skin white and radiant!

These mask powder is advisable to be mixed with our famous Rose Toner as well. Wanna know to use this mask, check out our previous blog post or email us via dmaskteam@gmail.com !

Prices remain the same as Part I of the 2nd Generation Mask Powder!

1x Mask Powder (only) = RM4/each

1x Rose Toner (50ml and comes with Spray caps) = RM12/each

1x Rose Toner (40ml, just like the photo above) = RM 10/each

1x Rose Toner (40ml) + 1x mask powder = RM14 RM12 only!

2x Rose Toner (80ml) + 2x mask powder = RM28 RM22 only!

Have any question? Mail us today! =)

Customers feedback.

Out of all the blogshops out there, D-mask has to be my favorite. Their products and customer service are fantastic. Plus, they COD at my college! The second product I've bought and tried from D-mask is their 2nd generation mask powder : Seaweed rubber mask. This product has worked well for me and I always use it whenever I have major acne break outs or red spots on my face. This mask is moisturizing. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry after using it. This product can only be used with distilled water or other forms of liquid that does not contain acid. I tried this product with lemon juice once and the mixture curdled instantly. Overall, it's a good product and I can't wait to try the other masks!- Noelle.


Happy Shopping.


Sunday, September 27, 2009 @ 8:45 PM

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Sorry for the late reply in the emails and chatbox people!

Just came back from Beijing, China. Had manyyyy pics in my camera that I would love to share it out here. Main reason is to show off yours truly's photo shooting skill show you some amazing sceneries China has! 5000 years of history plus Mother Earth's gift! Perfect combination of 'em both!

In short, the trip was an amazing one and I hope you won't mind a post on it here. =)

Thank you very much on your continuing support while I was away and yes, thanks for bearing with my mega lateee replies all! Thank you!

On another note, millions of thanks to


for reviewing us again! Thank you soo much!!!

Stay tuned for more updates. Promise there will be something GOOD waiting ahead!


Happy Shopping. :)


Thursday, September 17, 2009 @ 2:55 PM
`Mask Brush!

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Hmmm.. one question!

What do you usually use to apply the mask powder onto your face?

1. Spoon.
2. Fingers?

=/ Don't. It's unhygiene.

Due to the number of inquiries that we received for the past 2 weeks, we have decided to bring in some mask brushes for you girls!

The brushes are really soft and they help a lot while you're applying the mask powder! You'll get what I mean if you haven't been using one before.
Furthermore, you can wash and reuse it all time and by having one brush to yourself, you save fighting with the siblings too! ;)


If you take the brush individually without any mask powder, it will be RM 5 each.

If you take any of mask powder, the brush is yours at RM3 only! =)

On another note, still remember our Facial Mask D.I.Y kit from our Small Goodies?? They are now restockable too!

Mail us if you are interested okay? =)


Happy Shopping:)


@ 2:18 PM
`Tips tips tips!!

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If you're experiencing serious acne problem, with reddishness here and there,

try out our 1st generation of mask powder today!

For skins with acnes and pimples here and there,

try mixing Dutch Lady full cream milk with the mask powder instead. The procedures are still the same.

1. Mix half a packet of the RM5 mask powder with the 3-4 spoons of milk. Please make sure you stir slowly while mixing or else you'll end up having a batter that is too watery. =)

2. Apply it on your face for 8-10 minutes till it's half dry, then wash it off with warm water. If you have acnes and pimples, put more of the mask powder on the pimple and DO NOT scrub them.

Do this 3-4 times a week for better effect.

FOr skins with very serious acnes and pimple problem, here is what we learnt.

Mix your mask powder with 1 large spoon of olive oil and a little bit of mineral water.

Doesn't matter if it's extra virgin or not.

Yeap, you see it correct, olive oil! But why? Because the mask powder itself which is make of 100% original natural ingredients is riched in vitamin C and contains ingredients that can help to reduce your pores and whitening.

I believe those of you who have tried mixing the mask powder with milk and 2-3 drops of lemon juice will get what I mean. The results are instantenous! If your face is relatively serious and is reddish all the time, it's advisable that you try this mask powder continuously every other day. In other words, do it once every 2 days. =)

For oily skin, try mixing the mask powder with 1 spoonful of plain white yogurt and/or 1 spoon of honey. =) Highly recommended!!

Skeptical? Fret not, you can try apply either of the mixture onto your hands and at the back of your ears first to see if there's any side effects. Until now, all the feedbacks we received are 100% good! ;)

*Credits to Google Image for all the pictures above.*


Happy shopping.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009 @ 12:11 PM
`Moisturising gel!

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If you're experiencing dry and dehydrated skin, especially after a few late nights in a row and when you touch your face, you feel that awful roughness and plain dryness! If you dislike drinking water, here's what we suggest another excellent product:

Moistuirising gel!

Made of: Rose essence, Marigold flower extract and other hydrating essence.

Function: Provide moisture deep into your skin and helps to improve your skin's elasticity.

See through gel type.

D-Mask says: Have been using this product since April. One of the best type of moisturising gel I've ever tried. It's totally not sticky unlike those usual gel type that you find in the market! Highly recommend! =)

Best if you pair it with Phytoderm Hydrating Ampoule! =)

How to use?

D-Mask: Cleanse -> Toner/rose toner -> Phytoderm Hydrating Ampoule -> Apply the moisturising gel! You'll only need a 5cent size each time for the whole face. =)


Cleanse -> toner/rose toner -> Moisturising gel!

However, if you find that your skin is veryyy dry, you might wanna try this out

Vitamin C cream.

Don't be fool by its name. Although the Vitamin C cream is of thicker texture than the Moisturising Gel, don't worry. You will not feel its thickness or stickiness after application. Promise. Furthermore, it provides more moisture to your skin because it's cream base! =)

Functions: Rich in Vitamin C essence. Besides moisturising your skin, it is also very good in whitening, reducing pores, and remove blackheads. Excellent for daily application!

How to use?

D-Mask: Cleanse -> toner/rose toner -> Phytoderm Hydrating Ampoule -> Apply the Vitamin C cream! You'll only need a 5cent size each time for the whole face. =)


Cleanse -> Toner/Rose Toner -> Vitamin C cream!

Tea tree gel.

Having pimples popping out here and there?? Try on this tea tree gel if you are lazy to use the Acne Tonic!

It is also similar with the Moisturising gel as it is also a gel type of facial product. It's clear and see through, so don't worry about others commenting your face with all these tea tree gel drops even in the morning!

Made of: Tea tree essence, Peppermint essence and ohter natural ingredients.

Best pair with Acne Tonic!! Clear off your pimples faster and better!

How to use?

D-Mask: Cleanse -> Toner/Rose Toner -> Moisturising Gel -> Apply Acne Tonic with cotton pad for 15 minutes -> Tea Tree gel only on your pimple or acne spots!


Cleanse -> Toner/Rose Toner -> Tea tree gel on the pimple spots.


Each bottle is approximately 35g. There are only 4 bottles of both Moisturising gel and Tea Tree gel. Vitamin C cream is available upon request ONLY.

1 bottle (either Tea Tree or Moisturising) = RM 15/EACH

2 bottles (you can mix and match) = RM 30 + 1 free spatula! =)


Happy Shopping.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009 @ 8:38 PM

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Thank you all on the support for our latest HOT products. We've restocked twice both the Acne Tonic and Pore Minimising Serum but it seems like it's still NOT ENOUGH! *psst:check the post below. ;)*

Will be restocking again this coming Wednesday, so PLEASE make your reservations FAST! =)

On another note, if you're experiencing dry and dehydrated skin like the lady below..

Stay tune for our yummylicious update this coming Tuesday (or probably Wednesday if we can't make it!)

On another note, there might be a slight delay in delivery because the owner is currently having a rather tight schedule. We would appreciate it loads if you would give us bit more time to solve the parcels out. Thank you!


Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009 @ 3:23 PM
`Dear All,

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Thanks for your support on our Beauty Diary and Xin Ji facial masks for the past 7 months. We truly appreciate it and hereby promise that we will strive to bring in more cheap, good quality and efficient facial products just for you!

However, we are posting to announce that we will no longer sell Beauty Diary masks and Xin Ji masks anymore in our blog.

This is because, we see many blogshops already started selling them and we believe and hope that they will sell authentic masks to you, our valuable customers at a reasonable price. =) Furthermore, its cost price has already increased. So we have decided not to get in anymore new stocks after this.

Nonetheless, if you have any quiries on the masks, we will try our very best to assist you. Or if you are worried that the masks you bought are fake, fret not, we are here to teach you how to identify them! =)

At the moment, as you can see, we prefer to sell mask powder than facial sheet mask. This is because we find it to be of better quality, more effective and cheaper compared with paper sheets mask.

All the second generation mask powder that we have in store are imported directly from the US and it is sold mostly to facial saloons only, thus you won't find it easy to get them somewhere else.

So our question is, Why pay more??


Happy Shopping!


Saturday, September 5, 2009 @ 10:21 PM
`Pore minimising and blackhead removing serum!

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If you're frustrated about having blackheads popping out every now and then, don't.

Introducing our latest pore minimising and blackhead removing serum!

The 5ml bottles.

How to use? Easy.

1. Tear your cotton pad into 1/3 thin.
2. Put an adequate amount of the serum onto the cotton pad and apply it onto your nose and around your lips.
3. Wait for around 5-8min for it to be half dry.

And when you tear the cotton pad off....

*Use it only once or twice a week!*

No joke!

What are you waiting for?? Kill the blackheads today!!

Note: I've been using this product myself for the past 4 months and it never fails to amaze me with its wonderful effect! Don't believe ?? Try it on yourself!


5ml: Won't really recommend this as its tooo few, but if you insist, it's RM 6 each.

10ml : RM10/each

20ml: RM 18 (can be used for a long long time)

40ml: RM 36

psst: As we don't have enough 15ml bottles, will be using the 30ml ones, but it'll be half full alright?

Honestly, if you're faced with any blackheads problem, this is the number ONE serum that I would recommend, followed by the 1st generation of mask powder and number 3 the Shiseido mask powder.

Try it yourself. You WILL definitely be surprised. =)

Stocks are running low! Grab'em now! ;)

Hi there,

Have received the items in good condition yesterday. Cannot resist and tried the serum last night. Omg! Amazing result...

Thanks D'Mask!
- Liesal


Note: Sold 1.5 litres of this babe in 3 months!! Note that our customers bought this in only 10ml / 20ml and very few in 40ml! It has gave many people some really amazing results and all you need to do is, try it yourself! 100% Quality Assured!


Happy Shopping! :)


Thursday, September 3, 2009 @ 11:38 PM
`Say 'goodbye' to PIMPLES and ACNES!

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We know you hate them like we do.

We know how angry you feel when you see them popping out like nobody's business when you have an important date just tomorrow night!

We know!


Say HALO to our latest product - Acne Tonic

30ml each (shake before use)

and say GOODBYE to the disgusting, irritating and annoying PIMPLES and ACNES!!

Welcome acne-free skin! =)

*After 3 days of care!*

Ingredients: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Talc, Glycerin, Zine Oxide, Sulfur, PEG-40 Hydrogenated, Castor Oil, Salicylic Acid, Camphor, Methylparaben, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methyldibromo, Gultaronitrile, Phenoxyethanol, Disodium EDTA

What is the function of the Acne Tonic?
Mainly for oily skin. Main function is to reduce excess amount of oil secretions and hence, no pimples!

How to apply?
1. Tear your cotton pad into 1/3 thin. (Note: 1/3 of your usual cotton pad's thickness)

2. Spray some of the acne tonic onto the cotton and stick it onto your acne area for 15min.

*It's okay if you leave it overnight too!* =)

Effects: 5 stars! You will feel slightly ticklish when you first apply. Fret not, it's just a sign that it is fighting with the germs on your skin!

Price: 50ml = rm24 rm19.

If you are face with pimples problems, TRY this out! Two thumbs UP!!

Third time restock! Grab 'em before it's too late! ;)

Note: Definitely one of our best sellers! Almost 1.2 litres gone after 3 months since it was first introduced! Grab yours today! ^^

Wanna cure blackheads?

Come back again on Saturday night! You WILL be surprised. =)


Happy Shopping! :)


@ 11:34 PM
`Pure Gold Ampoule!

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The stocks have just arrived and I really think the ampoules look gorgeous! Hence I decided to post up some of its pics.

Notice all the gold leaves inside the thick essence of the ampoule??

Perhaps now it gives you a idea why is it more pricey than the usual ampoules! =)

Perfect gift for mummies, nannies, grannies that have work hard for you all your life, don't you think?

psst: It's recapable too!


Sold 2 boxes already!


Happy Shopping :)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009 @ 5:14 PM
`Second Generation of Mask Powder (for Saloons only)

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Still remember our first generation of mask powder?

1.5kg of it were sold in just one and a half month alone! :) Returning buyers stop buying in these packets but in grams instead due to the amount they used! =)) Thank you soo much!

Unlike our latest mask powder, the 1st generation of the mask powder ought to be used daily continuously for 3 months for longer and better effects. They are made of all natural Chinese herbs.

The 2nd generation of the mask powdersss however are the ones used in high class saloons and you only have to use it once or twice a week.

Basically there are 5 types of these mask powders that we imported in. These mask powder are all imported from the US!

The 5 types that are available are:

i. Tea Tree Rubber Mask: Helps to control oil secretion and solves acne and pimple problems. 5 stars for girls who has oily skin and pimples!

ii. Seaweed Rubber Mask: Also for pimples and acnes skin. This type of rubber mask helps to clear off pimple scars and can be used for pimples at the back of your body as well! Best pair with our De Soins Clarifying Ampoules! They can perform double excellent functions in clearing off your acne scars.

iii. Hydration Rubber Mask: The name says it all! Specially for dry and dull skin types. For hydrating purposes and it provides moisture into the skin directly. Best used after the hydration ampoule. Also, it helps to protect the skin from UV light.

iv. Aloe Vera Rubber Mask: Excellent for sensitive skin girls. Best used if you had just exposed under the hot sun for long hours. Help to calm down the redness of your skin, leaves your skin fair and radiant as well!

v. Sensitive Rubber Mask: Also for sensitive skin babes. Reduces the red spots and sensitivity of your skin and excellent for those who are always exposed under the hot sun.

All of these masks are pre-packed into 25g each which can be used for once! Although they can be mixed with clean distilled water or mineral water, best thing to mix them with is their own activator.

Rose Toner

These toner are imported from France respectively. (Yes France again) We bought them in litres and separate them into packaging of 40ml each.

Of course, for better effect, we would recommend that you get 2x Rose Toner, 2x mask powder and 5x Ampoules respectively.

Each packet of mask powder is best mix with 40ml of Rose Toner. Therefore, we would suggest you to get both at once to try out the effects! Of course this is just our mere suggestion.

Besides acting as an activator to the mask powder, this toner can also be used as a daily toner! In fact, it is definitely cheaper and better than toners you get from saloons. Why pay more when you can get the same or better quality here?

How to use?

1. Pour the mask powder into a bowl and mix it with 40ml of Rose Toner or clean water.

2. Apply it onto your face. Start off with your chin up to your cheeks and forehead.

3. Wait for around 15-20min for it dry. Please peel off the mask when you feel that it is 80% dry not 100%.

As usual, the price that we offer here is incredibly reasonable here!

1x Mask Powder (only) = RM4/each

1x Rose Toner (50ml and comes with Spray caps) = RM12/each

1x Rose Toner (40ml, just like the photo above) = RM 10/each

1x Rose Toner (40ml) + 1x mask powder = RM14 RM12 only!

2x Rose Toner (80ml) + 2x mask powder = RM28 RM22 only!

All restocks have arrived! Mail us today!

The more you buy, the cheaper it gets. That way, you save the postage as well!

ps: We suggest that you put the rose toner in your fridge first before using! It'll be extra cooling that way! =) Oh and it's extremely good for moisturising and whitening your skin!

Customer feedbacks on the Rose Toner & Mask powder:
erm.. around 200ml?
it was quite nice to use.
i use it as toner everyday.^^
the mask that i purchase last time,i just use it once.
coz im too busy wit workload n assignment.
the effect was good too.=)

Think I should leave it to thicken for a while, looks so diluted right after I mixed it but my face looks so clear after I washed it off and the acne scars on my nose faded a little *w*

Thank you! What say you? =P

ps: Rose Toner will have double cooling effects if you put it in the fridge! =) But you don't have, it's perfectly fine. :)


Happy Shopping!