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We specialise in selling facial products as well as hair care products. All our products are taken in from overseas unless stated otherwise. Our products are not animal-tested but we do personally try them out first before selling them to you. So you can be 100% assured of our quality! If you have any skin problems that you would like to cure, do feel free and email us. We will try our best to help you solve them. :)

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Saturday, June 20, 2009 @ 1:10 AM
`Goodies from Japan!

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Hi all! My friend who just came back from Japan got me all of these all the way from Japan! They only come in either one or two pieces each so PLEASE make your reservations fast. ^^

1. Tsubaki Shampoo!

Remember the pre-order Tsubaki Shampoo we are having here? Well, she got me an extra set all the way from Japan and trust me, I doubt you can get this price online elsewhere in Malaysia unless of course, you get it from Japan itself. ^^

The shampoo consists of:

550ml Shampoo x1, 550ml Conditioner x1, 220g Hair treatment x1

Suitable for Normal & Oily hair. Contains Camelia flower oil that is extremely good for protecting your hair. Tsubaki *which is under Shiseido* has the patent over this flower oil. For more info, kindly click on the Tsubaki Shampoo link on our sidebar. :)

Old price: RM123 exclusive postage


2. Facial mask by Kose.

Yes, this is a facial mask by Kose which contains Q10 and other collagen which is excellent for moisturising & firming your face. Q10 and sodium hyaluronate = Super hydrating + smooths your skin!

There is only ONE piece available on this mask. Hurry! Get it at only RM10 today! *psst*.. Imported from Japan and there's only one available in town. Worth every cent~ ^^

3. Another brand of facial mask!

Manufactured by Utena, this Puresa Mask contains very high amount of sodium hyaluronate which is excellent for moisturising your skin. Apply this mask after you cleanse your skin and after you applied your toner. Apply it on for around 10-15 min before taking it off and apply your daily care of essence after that.:) For more info, you can check it out at Utena's official website.

There are TWO pieces of this mask available. Also price at RM10 each. Need we say more? :)

4. Kose Perfect Cleansing Oil.

This is actually a cleansing oil by Kose which can be used to remove your makeup! :) The price at Kose counters out there is at RM75 but here in D-Mask, you can get it for RM 68 ONLY!! :) (even if you add up with the postage, you STILL SAVE the cash and trouble. ;))

As the stocks for these items are really limited, so make sure you make your reservations TODAY! ;)

ps :

1. Our black Shiseido Masks have been restocked but there are only a handful of White Shiseido masks left so grab it before they're all gone! ;)

2. Both our Skin 79 mini BB creams have been restocked as well. Sold around 20 bottles of them already. :) Do browse through our sidebar links for more info.

3. Returning buyers are entitled to an instant RM3 rebate for ALL the items stated in this post.

4. Over 40packets of RM5 mask powder has been sold!! ^^


Happy Shopping. :)

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Monday, June 15, 2009 @ 12:34 AM

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Another two testimonials given by our customers regarding the mask powder. Hope you're more assured with its quality now. :)

babee! the product was gooodgood thing i decided to try it,i was skeptical,it would have been a waste to me otherwise.i used shiseido peel off mask before proceeding with thisi feel that the mask powder did an even better job removing blackheads and impuritiesafter washing off i can see my blackheads coming off bit by bit and some mini oil seeds as well!my skin is indeed smoother and breathable looking forward to my 2nd application..!
(the long walk to tarc was worth it hehe)

:) june

Rcv the mask and tried lastnite. find it good. I mixed it wt the strawberry milk. hope to deal again soon.

2009-06-13 2:53 AM

Thanks so much babes. Glad that you like the mask powder. ^^ We look forward to hear more feedback on our customers soon. ^^


Happy Shopping. :)

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009 @ 10:24 PM
`Fruit Pieces III

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As promised, here's our latest restock on the fruit pieces. They are still under process of being sliced into thin slices each, but feel free to leave your orders today before they are all gone! Need we say more?

*psst- Strawberries are HERE this time!* ;)

Selling fast: Ms. Bee, Mr. Nemo, All the flowers.
Notice: This is the last time D-Mask is restocking the fruit & flower pieces until August 2009. So pleasee make your reservations today before they are gone, alright? :)

Sold out : Ms. Bee


Happy Shopping :)


Monday, June 8, 2009 @ 5:40 PM
`Buyer's testimonial.

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Yes, indeed we've heard some of our customers who inquried but quite reluctant to try out our Highly Recommended Mask Powder. Here's a testimonial from one of our buyers, Tracy. She posted the testimonial on our chatbox few days ago but I was too forgetful enough for not posting it out here.

Here's what she said about the mask powder:

2009-06-03 4:13 PM #

ooo i tried your mask powder and the results were pretty good!! I've tried on face masks before and it was good, but after i washed it off it felt..really clean, like my skin is clear of impurities. plus my face feels like its able to breathe!! & my blackheads are partially gone!! Thanks d-mask!

Thank you so much, Tracy! ^^

Good news is, we have already sold 20 packets + 1 Mask D.I.Y kit in a week's time. There are also a few more orders coming in until we have to actually ordered another set of restock! Thank you so much for your support!

Henceforth, we decided to improve our packaging in order to be able to deliver the best badge of mask powder to your doorstep.

Our previous packing is approximately 15g each packet which is enough for 1 usage, priced at RM2.50 each. Get 3 for only RM 7 ! This time around, we are using a 30g package to pack the mask powder.

This can be used for around two times with one packet. 1 packet is priced at RM5 each but get 3 at RM15+free postage. How does that sounds like? :)

For the time being, we only have the RM 5 packing in hand as all the RM2.50 packings have been sold off!! ^^ The RM2.50 restocks are scheduled the arrived on Saturday. So feel free to reserve your favourites NOW. Once again, D-Mask thank you for shopping with us and we promise we will try our best to upgrade our service and product along the way. Thank you!

30g packaging: 14 packets reserved.


Happy Shopping. :)

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Friday, June 5, 2009 @ 11:12 PM
`Fruit pieces II

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Good news!! I've finally found the apples that I've been talking about already~ Here are a few more updates on the fruit pieces that D-Mask have in hand.

Apples [LAST 15 pcs available]


Sakura I [SOLD OUT]

Lollipop in Pink [SELLING FAST]

Tamarind I

Flower I [LAST 20 PCS available]

Sakura II [SOLD OUT]


Also, we have managed to get bananas [selling fast] in hand. All of the above fruit pieces are available in limited numbers only. Not sure if all are restockable so MAKE SURE you grab hold of them FAST.

While placing your order, kindly state the name of your choice + the quantity that you wish to purchase.

Eg: Apples : 10pcs

Thanks for your cooperation.


Happy Shopping :)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009 @ 9:07 PM
`Fruit Pieces in the House!

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Ladies, check THESE out!


Oranges [SOLD OUT]

Lollipops in Light Yellow [LAST 10 pcs available]

And Strawberries?? [ALL RESERVED]

What are these cuties??

They are actually fruit pieces made of soft clay that can be used to stick on your nails // phones // almost ANYTHING you like ! It's sliced in slightly 3D so that it will look really real when it's sticked on your items~

*NOT all of the following fruit pieces are available*

*credits to Alibaba.cn & Sherry Nails*

Not enough of the above? We still have MORE below. :)


Flower II [LAST 30 pieces available]


Choco Pops [LAST 30 pcs available]

Lemon [SOLD OUT]

Grape fruit

All of the above fruit pieces have already been sliced carefully by one of our partners and is ready to be STICK on your beloved item!

Get 10pcs at only RM1.50 and 40pcs of them at ONLY RM 5!!

What a good bargain, no? Also, you are allowed to mix and match all the fruits that you want. So hurry!! Place your orders today. ;)

Sorry! All the (32) labelled Strawberries are ALL SOLD OUT already and temporarily not restockable. However, we still have (34) labelled Strawberries also sliced as same as the (32) Strawberries. Sorry!

pps - Due to the overwhelming response we received regarding the fruit pieces, we are restocking another TWENTY types of the fruit pieces. Will post them up by latest Monday or Tuesday if all goes well.

Don't be disappointed if your favourites are sold out. They will be restockable very soon! :)


Happy Shopping. :)


Tuesday, June 2, 2009 @ 5:31 PM
`Offline sales!

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In support with the Vintage + Bake Charity Sale organised by HELP UC's Law Society, D-Mask went to set up a small booth there early this morning.

The Sale was supposed to be held until 3pm but due to the heavy downpour, we were forced to close down our stalls by 2.15pm. Nonetheless, all the brownies and cookies were sold off within 5 hours and there were only a handful of cupcakes left! All thanks to the support given by the students and OLs who came to our sales!

Thank you so much!

*D-Mask & the Law Society Committee*

Profits earned from the Sale will be distributed to selected orphanages accordingly. If you did not manage to participate in our awesome pawsome sales today, fret not. We will be at HELP KPD (near the bus stand), opposite Menara UOA tomorrow (03.06.2009) from 9am sharp till 3pm!

*ppssstt.. MORE yummylicious cookies will be bring in tomorrow! *

Head over and support our sales okay! Besides satisfying some of your craves for shopping, you're helping the ones who are in need too! So, why not? :)


Happy Shopping.


Monday, June 1, 2009 @ 7:45 PM

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We're adding another item into our O.P.I series, that being, the

Avojuice, Skin Quencher (Grapefruit juice)!

Comes in a delicate 200ml bottle, this skin quencher is exceptionally good and works marvellously as a hand cream. Unlike the usual hand cream you get in the shops which is sticky and has a strong scent, OPI's Skin Quencher dries off very quickly. On top of that, Grapefruit juice is the best-selling scent in its series!

This pinkish skin quencher is also easy to be brought along. Best of all, it doesn't cost you a bomb like how L'Occitane or other famous brand's handcream does. As one of the top notch brand in nail accessories, the Skin Quencher will definitely works wonder on your dry, dull, tired hands.

Tired of typing in front of the computer for long hours in the office? Wants the hubby to be able to hold a more delicate, soft and healthy hands? Then there is no other reason you should say no to this Skin Quencher then!

Retailing price : RM58. o.O

D-Mask price: RM 48 !



Happing Shopping


@ 5:23 PM
`Warning II!

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Thanks to May, we're posting another warning notice for buyers who purchase and use Shiseido Nose Masks. An original packet of Shiseido Mask is definitely useful in removing blackheads and whiteheads as well as tighten your face. However, fake masks are more watery and hence are not as effective as the original masks.

Here are a few ways which you can used to identify wheter your purchase is an original or a fake mask.

1. The printing of the words of an original masks are obviously sharper than the fake ones. The words are printed in bright light purple colour whereas the fake one is printed in slightly grey colour.

Left: Ori, Right: Fake

2. On the back of the packet, both fake and original masks have a square shape on the lower right side of the mask. The square of an original mask does not touches the lower right angle of the packet but a fake mask's square shape does.

3. THe instruction of an original mask is slightly bold whereas the instruction of the fake mask is not.

4. When you open an original mask, it is very thick and not watery like the fake one. The smell of original Chinese herbs is very strong (but it wont cause you any discomfort) where as the fake ones doesn't have that smell and is very watery.

5. Also, watch out for the price. Not all cheap stuff are good.

Again, rest assure that we only sell authentic facial masks in our blogshop. So feel safe to shop from us. :)


Happy Shopping