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We specialise in selling facial products as well as hair care products. All our products are taken in from overseas unless stated otherwise. Our products are not animal-tested but we do personally try them out first before selling them to you. So you can be 100% assured of our quality! If you have any skin problems that you would like to cure, do feel free and email us. We will try our best to help you solve them. :)

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Feedbacks from Returning Buyers

1. Your Shopping Kaki's guest blogger, Cynthia
2. Reviews from a Teenager, Esther
Thursday, November 12, 2009 @ 6:58 PM
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Thanks a bunch girls for your review!! =) We will further comply all our feedbacks and reviews on this page for today onwards! (7.12.2009) :)

*Updated as of 22.2.2010*

Acne Tonic

Hi there..
I've been using your acne tonic for almost 2 weeks now, and my skin became smoother and not so prone to acne and pimples anymore. It is just so simple. I applied the acne tonic on the cotton pad and stick it to my acne area for overnight, and when i wake up the next morning, the redness reduced and the acne dry up.It heals fast too. Just 2-3 days the acne will disappear. Even my friends noticed it and one of them wants to give it a try. I'm also getting another one for myself. =)

Great product!! Really works!!
this amazing product really dries out my pimples and gives me smoother skin too!!!
and now im back for more...hehe~ ^.^

2nd Generation Mask Powder Batch II & Rose Toner

hello Babe =)....i received de products yest n tried them last nite...i tried de mask...it was actually really good...after washing it of my face felt so smooth...gotta use a few more times..thanks babe...shall come back 2 u again ;)


Anyway, this is what i though of your product. Super love the hydrating mask(2nd Gen). Leave my skin feeling super soft.


Anyway,I Love ur products!
especially the 2nd generation mask~
I can see an instant result right after I wore it..although not really obvious,but still I can feel the changes..like my skin becomes more soft,if I have pimples,it will heals fast,my face becomes less oily n etc..

I love the rose water so much too!


Out of all the blogshops out there, D-mask has to be my favorite. Their products and customer service are fantastic. Plus, they COD at my college! The second product I've bought and tried from D-mask is their 2nd generation mask powder : Seaweed rubber mask. This product has worked well for me and I always use it whenever I have major acne break outs or red spots on my face. This mask is moisturizing. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry after using it. This product can only be used with distilled water or other forms of liquid that does not contain acid. I tried this product with lemon juice once and the mixture curdled instantly. Overall, it's a good product and I can't wait to try the other masks!- Noelle.

actually im very satisfied with the mask powder that i bought from you. is very good.. I guess I would want the mask powder and instead I would want to buy more from you..



so sorry for the late reply yea.
so far i have been using the scrub, seaweed mask and rose toner.
the mask really produce an instant result of smoother skin after using the scrub.
it did not really cure my breakouts yet as i only used once and so happen i had my period, so kinda hard to avoid having breakouts.
haven't tried the h20 mask and exfoliation gel yet but overall i'm satisfied with the products.
no worries. =)


Blackhead & Pore Minimising Serum

Hi there,

Have received the items in good condition yesterday. Cannot resist and tried the serum last night. Omg! Amazing result...

Thanks D'Mask!


1st Generation Mask Powder

Love the 1st Gen mask that i bought from you too minus the hassle tring to get it off my face. But it does leave my skin clearer and fairer i must say.
Many notice that my skin is different now though i dont use it often since so busy.
Thumbs up for you:)


The 1st gen mask also good as a daily mask..although I dun really wear it daily...


Im totally in love with 1st generation mask i've bought earlier !

I would like to repurchase some for my bf !


Hi! Happy CNY! ^ ^

I received the parcel few days ago. Just tried it tonight only after re-union dinner ^ ^ Put too much milk with the 1st Gen powder and therefore wasted half of it cos my face can only take so much =.= But it dried up quite fast actually, about 10 mins / <15 mins dried up edi. Is that normal?? Doesn't smell too good either... haha but thats ok.

Anyway, i love the feeling after i wash it off. Makes my face appear brighter and totally refreshed! Can't wait to see the long term results. Cheers!

Collagen Therapeutic Eye Mask

Just receive ur parcel today afternoon..
Erm.. im so excited to use eye gel to night (due so hardworking infront of computer he3)..
Anyway, thanks for your nice packaging on facial mask..
Will look forward for next new order with you..
For testimonial or product comment will advice you soon.


babee! the product was goood
good thing i decided to try it,i was skeptical,it would have been a waste to me otherwise.
i used shiseido peel off mask before proceeding with this
i feel that the mask powder did an even better job removing blackheads and impurities
after washing off i can see my blackheads coming off bit by bit and some mini oil seeds as well!
my skin is indeed smoother and breathable looking forward to my 2nd application..!


If these feedbacks are not
convincing enough, do click on The Teenage Reviewer's blog to check out what she has to say on some of our items. ^^ As a reviewer in beauty products herself, I trust she can give you some idea how our products work! :)

As for all our returning buyers, PLEASE DO NOT hesitate to leave us your feedback on any of the items you purchased! Share your experience with the rest, afterall, sharing is caring, no? :)

Caution: Please do not apply this serum for more than 5min on your nose because it might cause sensitivity on your skin! Once you feel uncomfortable // ticklish feel please peel it off right away. Also, please only apply an adequate amount of it and do not over apply the serum because it might be quite strong for some. :)


Happy Shopping :)