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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 @ 9:28 PM
`Phytoderm & De Soins Ampoule

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First up in D-Mask is none but facial Phytoderm and De Soin Ampoules from France!! What are they? How do you use them? Why them?

For those of you who are not familiar with what ampoules are, do allow me to do some clarifications here. 

Ampoule is a bottle of concentrated essence or serum. It does not contain manmade preservatives but only natural preservatives, Phenoxyethanol. It is packed in a sterile vacuum package so its quality and safety is definitely secured. Ampoules are generally more concentrated than essence hence it can be absorbed by your skin quicker, leaving better effects.

When using ampoule, you do not need to add on other toner or moisturiser for it to absorb. Because of its tiny partitions, 90-98% of its content can be absorbed by one’s skin. Its effect is almost 12 to 13 times better than any night creams or gels could achieve!

They are generally used by make up artists for brides as well as in saloons for facials. Ampoules are designed according to the speed of the growth of our skin cells, hence protecting your skin and also make it easier for your other daily care product to be absorbed into your skin.

How to use Ampoules?

Day: Cleanse -> Toner -> Ampoule -> Sun block -> Make up

Night: Cleanse -> Toner -> Ampoule -> Any facial products

Weekly: Cleanse -> Toner -> Ampoule –> Facial masks.

Applying a facial mask sheet or mask powder right after applying Ampoules will increase both effects for at least 50% or more!

A same type of ampoule ought to be used for at least 12-15 days to achieve the best results. Of course, we cannot expect a long lasting effects just right after one or two application, right? All ampoules can be used daily except for the Collagen Ampoule which only needs to be used 1-2 a week.

One bottle of ampoule can be used for around 3-5 days depending on the amount you used etc. If there is an excessive amount of ampoules left, make sure you keep it in the refrigerator and cap it up into a bottle to prevent its essence from evaporating. Do try to finish the ampoule within 3 days because its ingredients are naturally made.

Methods of using:

1. Break the place near the cap of the ampoule (within the white line area). Do make sure that you do not open it with bare hands but layer it with tissues because the bottle itself is made of glass.

2. If you are preparing to use it again, please pour it into another bottle to keep it first. (preferably in the refrigerator)

3. Pour the ampoule onto your palm; do not pour out too much at a time to prevent wastage. Then apply it bit by bit onto your face.

4. Lastly, massage the ampoule into your skin in circles to make sure that your face absorb its essence completely.

Benefits of using ampoules.

Assured Quality.
Most ampoules do not use chemical preservatives hence within 3-14 days; you have to finish using it. Main reason of this is to prevent your ampoule from being contaminated by your surroundings, germs etc.

Long lasting effect.
Compared with facial masks, ampoules partitions are easier to be absorbed into your skin because it is tinier than facial masks’ essence. Usually, within 10 to 28 days of continuous daily application, you will be able to see its marvellous effect. For emergencies, rest assured that ampoules also have a better reputation in lasting its effect of at least 2 days longer than facial masks.

Perfect packaging.
Reason why ampoules are slightly pricey is because the budget to make one isn’t cheap itself. From its ingredients to the bottle that it is packaged in, the slightest thing to make an ampoule is carefully taken care off to preserve its quality.

Repair and protect your skin.
Unlike other gels or creams, ampoules provide protection to your skin instantly once it is applied.
Make ups.
Do you wake up one day in the morning, feeling that your skin is tight, dry or dull? If yes, try using some ampoule first before you make up! Ampoules have long gain their reputations in brides make up where make up artists will generally advise their customers to use ampoules at least a day or 2 before putting on make up on their big day!

Ampoules are excellent in calming your skin and they protect your skin from UV lights, germs, dusts and whatnot. Also, ampoules can reach directly into your skin, helping to balance up your skin’s oil secretion and reducing your pores.
For sensitive skins, ampoules are even more widely recommended for it helps to calm your skin down and make up to last longer.

What are the differences between Germany and France ampoules?

1. Ampoules made in Germany are 3.8ml per bottle whereas France ampoules that we take in contain 3ml only.
However 0.8ml wouldn’t make much difference, would it?

2. Rumours are that ampoules made in Germany do not contain preservatives, are they true?
Certainly not. Both ampoules contain what is known as “Phenoxyethanol” that are actually natural preservatives used in many cosmetic products.

3. Germany ampoules contain an ingredient known as “Parabens” in which continuous application will lead to hazardous effect to the skin.

Brides and bridegrooms are probably the strongest supporters of Ampoules. Why so?

To ensure that their make-ups look good, brides-to-be, you must use ampoules! It helps to control oil secretion and prevents your make-ups to go off easily. Needless to say, this is very important especially when cameras are all around. Also, ampoules can provide long term hydration and basic protection for sensitive skins. It is easy to be absorbed and protects the skin from being harmed by all the other make-up products.

Brides and bridegrooms are advised to use 1 bottle of ampoule full each 1 or 2 nights before. It is true that men don't generally apply make-ups, therefore, by applying ampoule, it prevents the bridegrooms from suffering side effects from the application of make ups.

For brides, we recommend that you use at least one bottle everyday for as long as a week before the big day! Use ampoules to replace your usual facial masks to achieve a better effect.

Types of Ampoules.

There are actually 16 types of Ampoules altogether but to avoid them to be very messy, we will just briefly state their usage out here. For a more complete info regarding them (eg: its functions, ingredients, registration number etc) please feel free to mail us!

For Oily skin, Acne & Pimple, and large pores, try:

i. Phytoderm Purifying ampoule (抗豆/控油/沉掉暗疮)- All gone
ii. Phytoderm Mandarin Ampoule (缩小/收敛粗大毛孔)-1 bottle pending
iii.De Soins Clarifying Ampoule(淡化痘痘的疤痕)-2 bottles pending

For Sensitive skin, reduce redness, post-facial treatment skins, try:

i. Phytoderm Soothing Ampoule ( 消炎敏感皮肤/日晒后/红点)
ii. De Soins Sensitive Ampoule (抗敏感性)
iii. De Soins Azulen Ampoule (镇定/淡化乏红)

For Wrinkles, aging, dull and dry skin, try:

i. Phytoderm Lifting Astringent Ampoule (减少皱纹/缩紧皮肤/增加皮肤弹力)
ii. De Soins Firming Ampoule (紧实/提升肌肤/紧致毛细孔)
iii. Phytoderm Collagen Ampoule (胶原蛋白/定妆)*
iv. Ceutical 24K Gold Ampoule (黄金抗皱/抗衰老)

For Dry and Dull skin, try:

i. Phytoderm Hydrating ampoule (保湿/补水)-5 bottles sold!
ii. De Soins Azulen Ampoule(镇定/淡化乏红

To obtain a fairer skin and for whitening, try:

i. Phytoderm Whitening Ampoule (美白/均匀肤色/淡化斑点)
ii. Phytoderm Vitamin C Ampoule (维他命C/滋润)**

For dark circles, eye bags and puffy eyes, try:

Phytoderm Eye Pouch Ampoule (眼袋/眼圈护理)-5 bottles sold!

For all skin types, try: De Soins Repair Solution Ampoule (Placenta)(修护细胞/抗老化)

For brides and bridegrooms, we recommend:

Gold Ampoule, Collagen Ampoule (excellent in stabilising your make-ups), Hydrating Ampoules (Best use one or two months before) and Repairing Ampoule (helps to repair your skin cells, best use one or two months before as well)

* All other ampoules can be used daily except for Collagen Ampoule. You only have to apply this once or twice weekly.

** After using the Vit.C Ampoule in the morning, it is of utmost importance that you apply enough sunblock before going out. Vitamin C is excellent for whitening but at the same time, it also encourages the growth of dark spots and melanin if not well taken care off.

How much are they? Are they pricey?

Fret not, D-Mask has tried to reduce the price as low as possible already. We recommend you to buy at least 5 bottles for each type if you really want to see the effect. 1 bottle can be used for approximately 2-3 days day and night. Continuous application of 15 days will show better results.

Normal Ampoules:

1 bottle: RM7/each

5 bottles: RM32 + FREE registered post

10 bottles/1 box : RM 60 + 1 free container to put in the extra ampoules + 1 free packet of mask powder worth RM5 + FREE registered post

24K Gold Ampoules:

1 bottle: RM20/each

5 bottles: RM 95 + 1 free packet of mask powder worth RM5 + FREE registered post

10 bottles/ 1 box: RM 190 + 1 free container to put in the extra ampoules + 2 free packet of mask powder worth RM10 + FREE pos laju!

[ps: As the 24K Gold Ampoules are made of pure gold leaf, hence the price is slightly pricey. However the quality is of no doubt because my mommy alone bought 3 boxes for herself! ;)]

Tired of reading? Hurry up and mail us via dmaskteam@gmail.com for more info! No charges applied! ;)


Happy Shopping. :)