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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 @ 8:23 PM
`Secret recipe!

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Hi there.
One of our customer, dear Nabila is kind enough to share with me
one of her homemade recipes of Honey Oatmeal Mask.
I find it rather interesting here, so after I asked her permission,
I've decided to post it out here~

"Yea.As we all know the goodness of oat for our body but it is good for our face too. Not too sure if it is for exfoliating but all I know is the "Honey Oatmeal Homemade Mask" is for dry or mature complexions, reduce ur facial pore size and improve ur skin's texture, it is also nourishing and moisturizing. " - quote


1. 2 tablespoon of Oatmeal (*oatmeal is used for soothing irritated skin)
2. 1 teaspoon of Honey
3, Juice of half a lemon/lukewarm water (instead of lemon juice)

How to do it?

1. Mix the Oatmeal and Honey together in a small bowl.
2. Place a whole lemon in the microwave for 15seconds to release juices. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the mixture.(Or instead of using lemon you can also add some lukewarm water into the mixture). Mix well.
3.Apply the mixture to your face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
4.Wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

A very simple recipe for ur face. Hope u'll enjoy urs as much as i do :) GOOD LUCK! "

Thanks very much hun!


p.s - If any of you have a secret recipe or tip to share as well,
kindly mail us via dmaskteam@gmail.com ya~ ^^


Happy Shopping :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009 @ 12:44 AM
`How to determine your skin condition?

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If you're wondering what type of skin conditions you are,
if you're wondering what type of masks is suitable for you,
here's a post that may help to clear your doubts! :)

How to determine if your skin is...

1. Oily?
- Your T-zone gets oily easily, have large pores, consistently having blackheads, pimples and/or acnes popping out. Make up doesn't last long.

2. Dry?
- Your skin gets dry and stiff even before you wash your face and it sometimes gets red and itchy at the side. May or may not have large pores at your T-zone, your skin looks dull and tired.

3. Dry on the outside, oilyon the inside?
- You have acnes and pimples popping out at your T-zone area, face gets oily but at the same time, your skin looks dull, itchy, and skin peels off easily.

4. Neutral?
- Also known as the Perfect skin condition. Your skin contains a balanced oil and moisture. Do not have acnes or pimples problem. Face don't turn stiff after washing your face.

What type of mask should you use if your skin is...
(Pls click on our Xin Ji facial mask and Beauty Diary facial mask on our sidebar for more info),

1. Oily?

* Oily Controlling Mask.
* Moisturising mask.
(Note that MANY thinks that it is not necessary for one to apply moisturising mask when his/her skin is oily. This is quite a misconcept as it doesn't mean that if your skin is oily it does have enough moisture. Moisturising is important to all skin types, particularly to dry skin.
You can alternately use a oily controlling mask and moisturising mask each time.

2. Dry?

* Moisturising mask.
For a long term effect, the Rose Moisture mask and the Seaweed cooling mask from the Skin 79 series is highly recommended.
For short term and/or emergency situations, you can try the Xin Ji and/or Beauty Diary's and/or other moisturising mask sheets.
Aloe Vera masks from both series are highly recommended as well.

3. Dry on the outside, oily on the inside?
Alternate the use of oil controlling and moisturising masks. However, more emphasis should be placed on the Moisturising side.

4. Neutral?

*Moistursing mask !

Don't slow down your facial treatments and facial care just because your skin is acne and pimple-free. As we grow older, other problems such as wrinkles and our skin losing its elasticity may occur! Do not wait until when you're old enough to take care of your skin. Facial treatments should start today! Even if it's just applying a mask or two each week, cleanse your face each day.

Note: Our skin condition might change from time to time depending on where we are, what we consume each day, what brand of cosmetics and facial care we use etc.

An all-time-useful recipe to look good, however is none other than:

1. Dinking enough water (as in 2000ml) each day,
2. Having enough sleep (best if from 11pm - 6am),
3. Exercise // SWEAT!
4. And be HAPPY. Our mood does affect our skin condition! Say NO to emo as it will also affect our mood swings, appetite etc. :)

The best time to apply a mask is right before you go to bed, i.e between 11pm - 2am as at this time, our skin are on a "resting" mode after a day of work.

Hope these information does help you girls! :)


Happy Shopping.

p.s - I was typing this at 1am today. Uh.. big NO-NO.


Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 10:40 PM
`Color Copia Nail Lacquer

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If you are up-to-date with the OPI nail lacquer series,
bet you've already knew that a new series of it had been released recently.

It's none other than the Color Copia Series.
And NOW, we're bringing these fabulous colours in for you girls at
a lower price if you compare it with the market price.

All our nail lacquers are brand new and 100% authentic.
A full amount will be refunded should you find that any of them are fake OPI's.
No worries! Have fun shopping.

p.s - As we do not have the colour samples of this series, you girls may
search on the Net for the colour code and let us know if you want any of them.
The same applies to the rest of the OPI series. :)

Do hop on to Sterling Nails for more information and have a sneak peek
of the colours!!

p.p.s - A friendly reminder to fans of OPI nail lacquers out there,
there'll be a price increase in the OPI nail lacquers within these 2 months.
So be sure to stock in your favourite colours before the price
jacked up again.

We used the word "again" here is because the price of its nail lacquers had increase
from RM40 in 2004 to RM53 to RM59 soon. *ouch*

Our price :

<Normal colours,
New buyer,

Buy ONE = RM 42
Buy TWO = RM 82
Buy THREE = RM 122

Returning buyer

Get each for RM40 only!

Designer series,
New buyer,

Buy ONE = RM 52
Buy TWO = RM 102
Buy THREE = RM 152

Returning buyer,

Get each for RM50 only!


Thursday, April 16, 2009 @ 2:20 PM
`*Price Revised!

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In order to serve you girls better,
we've revised all our facial masks price.

This includes 心机美人面膜 a.k.a Xin Ji facial masks,
我的美丽日记面膜 a.k.a Beauty Diary facial masks,
心机美人眼膜 a.k.a Eye masks,
and Shiseido Nose Masks.

Do press on the sidebars for a quicker link!


Happy Shopping.:)


Monday, April 13, 2009 @ 10:29 PM

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As promised, updates!!
We have 11 items for you girls to choose from.

All ranging between RM3.50 to RM12.00 only !!

Hair Spa Massager

This cutie is used to massage your head while you are washing your hair and
it helps to improve blood circulation!
Get it at only RM8 only!


Stop the SNORES!

Feel irritated when your hubby/daddy/mummy SNORES?
Get this to help him/her to ease her snores with only

*3 pcs available*

Slim Your Face - v.1

Wanna slim down your face but don't like the idea of BOTOX?
This tool might come in handy! A roller which slims down your face!
Get it at only RM7/each!

ONE Sold
Two Available

Protect Your Nails

Hate it when your nail lacquers go all over the place before its dry?
Get this awesome nail protectors and attach it
onto your fingers before they are dry! This would prevent them from
going all over the place ++ allows you to do whatever you want
even when your nail polishes are not dry!

It's only RM10/each box!
All boxes come with a pair of nail protectors.

*ONE sold*
*TWO available*


Tired after a day of work but don't wanna spend RM1000++
to get a foot massager??
Get this babe at only RM12/each!!

*Only 3 available*

Tongue Cleaner

We girls just have to look good from inside out!
Even it's only our tongue.
RM 3.50/each!

ONE Sold
*Only 2 available*

Slim Your Face v.2

This is another brand of face roller. More expensive because
it's tighter and firmer. Thought you girls might want more choices.

Get them at RM10/each!

*One SOLD*

Mascara assistant

Need help? Get this at only RM5/each!

*Only 4 available*

Pure Japanese Cotton

The difference between this and normal cotton pad is that
the Japanese cotton is very much softer than the usual ones.
And it is more comfortable than the usual cotton pads.

RM11/each [Contains 80pcs each]

*Only 3 available*

Eyebrow Template

No more slightly thicker or slightly thinner eyebrows!
How delightful!
Get one now at only RM7/each!

*Only 2 available* Baby Pink & Baby Blue

Bra stripes stickers

Hate it when your bra stripes is slips off during important dates?
Use these to help to prevent these irritating scenes!
Price at only RM5/each!

*Only 5 available*

Nipple stickers

No more dress slips! ;)

*Only 3 available*

Facial Mask D.I.Y kit!

Contains spatula for you to measure the amount of facial powder you need,
brush to help to apply and also a mixing bowl!
All at only RM12/each!

*Only 2 sets available*

Massage All Your Fats Away

Highly recommended in the beauty show - the Beauty Queen.
The name says it all - Massage all your fats away!

Grab one at only RM 7/each!

*only 1 MORE LEFT!!*


Familiar with these girls? Saviour for us when we are wearing
the killer heels!

Better still, each packet is only RM5/each!
Comes in a pair.

*5 pairs up for grab!*

Eye Massage Roller

Applying eye cream only is not enough to shoo your
dark circles away! Sufficient massage is essential to improve your blood circulation.
What are you waiting for?
Kill your dark circles!

RM 8/each!

Hope you'll like our first collection of "small goodies" !
And no.
This is NOT just it! We still have many many stuff for udpates!
So stay tuned!!


Happy Shopping :)


Sunday, April 5, 2009 @ 1:11 PM
`*Tsubaki Shampoos on sale!*

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If you have not heard of the Tsubaki brand, fret not.
Here's what we are for, right?

Tsubaki is a sub-company under Shiseido which majors in
selling Shampoos, conditioners and treatments.
Before Shiseido launched this line of products,
Lux was the best-seller in shampoos and hair care products,
but NOW!
Shiseido's Tsubaki is said to have taken over thier place.

What's so special about Tsubaki?
More than a thousand years ago, the Japanese managed to extract
camellia flower's oil from the camellia flower seed and
transformed them to precious essence especially for the royalties'
hair care purposes.

Now, Tsubaki has managed to upgrade the Camellia flower's oil
and developed a new "Tsubaki Oil EX" formula out of it and placed them
into their shampoos. Hence, its shampoo contains a sweet smell of floral scent
which leaves your hair sweet and healthy after using it.


Tsubaki's Shampoo comes in 2 different types.

The red colour set is made especially for normal or oily hair.
The white colour set is recommended only for heavily damaged hair.

Both contains sweet floral scent which you cannot find from other shampoos.

D-Mask comment: Excellent shampoo! More reviews, please read Makeup Alley
Was a fan of Schwarzkopf series before this, but its 'Moisture' series
made my hair too oily, hence I switched to Tsubaki.
Excellent smell and is so much cheaper from brands like
Keratase, L'oreal Professional, Wella etc. Highly recommended!

p.s - As for the White Tsubaki, I strongly recommend it for those
who have serious dry and damaged hair as it is relatively oily.
If your hair is only slightly dried, I would suggest you to try out
the red colour ones first.


Both Tsubaki Shampoo sets come with:

(a) 550ml Shampoo
(b) 550ml Conditioner
(c) 220ml Treatment

For the Red Colour Tsubaki, 1 set is priced at only RM123.

For the White Colour Tsubaki, 1 set i priced at only RM 128.

*Ready stock = Red colour Tsubaki shampoo + conditioner + treatment trial set
at only RM28/set = inclusive of postage!

p.s - Takes ONLY 7-9 days for the stock to reach your house.

Happy Shopping!



Wednesday, April 1, 2009 @ 8:54 PM
`New thing!

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*This post is purely for sharing!*

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to get to meet up with our O.P.I supplier.
From her, we got to know about the latest detail of

OPI AXXIUM Gel Lacquer too!!


OPI AXXIUM Gel Lacquer allows for strong, beautiful, all-one-length natural nails can be difficult to grow and maintain. You use your hands for so many things every day – working on the computer, crafting, digging in your purse – that nails often suffer. But you can have the nails you want – in fact, your nails, only better – with the new OPI AXXIUM Gel Lacquer. Available only at professional salons, Axxium acts as an invisible layer of protection for your nails, keeping them strong so that they can grow without breaking. Plus, the OPI AXXIUM Gel Trial Kit will give your nails incredible shine. You won’t even know you’re wearing gels – Axxium gels are virtually weightless, and the finish is so sheer and flawless that your own nails show through.

* Gel Axxium Gel Trial Kit contains:

1-Axxium Clear Overlay Gel .5oz (14g)
1-Axxium Soft Pink Sculpture Gel .5oz. (14g)
1-Axxium Gel Base .5oz. (14g)
1-Axxium No-Cleanse UV Top Sealer .5oz. (15ml)
1-Tabletop Brochure
1-Instructional Brochure
1-Tips for the perfect Nail Brochure

Note: UV Light is required

Why did we say "lucky"? Cause she actually did a small demo on
my fingers. =)
There are only 12 colours divided in 2 different series.

*click to enlarge*

The darker shades have the following colours:

• Big Apple Red
• Cajun Shrimp
• Brisbane Bronze
• Russian Navy
• Lincoln Park After Dark
• I’m Not Really A Waitress

The lighter shades have:

• Hawaiian Orchid Soak-Off Gel Lacquer
• Moon Over Mumbai Soak-Off Gel Lacquer
• Bubble Bath Soak-Off Gel Lacquer
• Strawberry Margarita Soak-Off Gel Lacquer
• Passion Soak-Off Gel Lacquer
• Princesses Rule! Soak-Off Gel Lacquer

I tried on the 'Lincoln Park After Dark' which I find it
This Gel lacquer thingy is very different from nail polish.
It comes in this type of packing and you have to use
something that looks like a water brush to apply them
instead of the usually nail polish brush.


The colour is quite thick but after application it looks
One of the few things I find quite special about this gel lacquer is that
its colour definitely shines compared with normal nail polishes.
Mainly it's because inside this lacquer uses a different top coat
compared with our usual nail polish's top coat. Hence, it lasts longer.

Secondly, this lacquer can last for at least 3-4 weeks depending on
how you take care of it etc.
The top coat colour will not fade off easily like the usual top coat.
So your nails will still look as sharp as the first day it's applied
on the 21st day of appplication. :0

Thirdly, yes! It makes your nails look absolutely gorgeous!!! =)

However, there are also a few downsides of this Gel lacquer.
First, it is quite hard to be removed.
You have to actually file it a bit and then remove it with
the nail polish remover specially for acrylic nails.
Since it lasts longer than usual nail polishes, its remover
has to be of some stronger type of remover.

Another bad thing about this is, the PRICE!!

According to my supplier, the price which OPI fixed for the saloons
is RM 60 each session.
However, you'll definitely see some saloons offering this service at
a higher price.
If they go over this price, you'll at least know what price to bargain!

All in all, this new thing is worth trying though I must say,
we must check our pockets first. For now, usually people apply the
gel lacquer in plain colours only. Usually, it is more advisable to do
only one colour in a basic pattern as if you use other decos such as
Swarovski crystals and so forth, your pretty-pretty
OPI Gel Lacquer would be cover up. :)

Leave us some comments // questions if you're interested ya.

There is the OPI Gel Trial Kit on sale but I think it's best
if you go for the manicure in the saloon first before deciding to buy it.
Afterall, it is not cheap. :)


Happy Shopping.

psst: New stuff on the way!